Fox Hunt Report – March 20, 2022
Fox Hunt Report – March 20, 2022


On Sunday, March 20, 2022 we had our 2nd official fox hunt of the year. We had the largest turnout with 22 people hunting the fox. We had 11 teams of hunters out chasing the fox. We even had non-club members participating and hunting. As Ken always says, you judge an event by the number of smiles, and we had a lot of smiles and laughs at this fox hunt. It was a great time getting out and doing a bit of radio.

General Information

    • Date: Sunday, March 20, 2022
    • Time: 3:00PM - 5:00PM EST
    • Location: Domtar Park, Kingsport
    • First Finders: N4CSG (Chris) and KG4KMP (Vickie)
    • Hunters: 
    • W4GAJ (Greg) and NR3E (Ron)
    • KM4NWH (Neil) and WX4ET (Erik)
    • KO4SCU (Ken), K2KAR (Karen), KO4YOD (Mike), and Austin
    • KO4DCD (Justin) and KE4FFO (Phil)
    • AB9PJ (Pete) and N4MKO (Brody)
    • W3KPT (George) and K4DR (David)
    • KO4TDK (Stephen) and Jack
    • KM4EDY (Josh) and KD4NZR (Jeff)
    • AC3D (Scott)
    • KI4AAU (David)
    • Supporters: KO4WFI
  • Primary Fox: 5W Baofeng in the parking lot

    Secondary Fox: 700mW fox in the parking lot

    Tertiary Fox: 15mW fox hidden by the fence of the baseball diamond


After Action Report

We had a great fox hunt with a ton of participation. I see this fox hunting getting bigger and bigger as more people become interested and start to hunt. This hunt went really well and everyone who participated was able to find all of the foxes. We had a lot of fellowship at the end and everyone came away from the hunt learning new things and new techniques.


  • Having extra batteries and a backup plan helped a lot this time. The first hiding place was closed so we had to go to a backup place which worked well.
  • Teaming up helped a lot more people get involved if they didn't have the knowledge or gear.
  • Having Neil take check-ins worked well and didn't let people get a location by listening to the input of the repeater made it a more fair hunt.

Improvement Opportunities:
  • The foxes still need to be spread out a bit more frequency wise.

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