Summits on the Air

What is Summits on the Air?

Summits On The Air (SOTA) is a points based award scheme for radio amateurs that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas. SOTA is designed for all Radio Amateurs and Shortwave Listeners – this is not just for mountaineers! Points are awarded for activators (those who ascend to the summits) and chasers (who either operate from home, a local hilltop or are even Activators on other summits).

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KARC's SOTA Coordinator: NR3E- Ron Burns

DateSummit NameReferenceApprox DriveRoad Condition4x4 NeededPointsHiking Notes
5-21-2022Round MountainW4T/SU-02978 mi, 2-1/2 hrsGood to fair to poorYes101.4 mi, 800 ft EG
6/4/2022Roan High KnobW4T/SU-00557 mi, 1-1/2 hrPaved all the wayNo100.8 mi, 250 ft EG
7-16-2022High KnobW4V/GC-00160 mi, 1-1/4 hrPaved all the wayNo10Drive up
8-13-2022Fox KnobW4K/EC-01179 mi, 2 hrPoorYes10Drive up, very rough road
9-3-2022Mount MitchellW4C/CM-001117 mi, 2-1/2 hrPaved all the wayNo10300 yds, 100 ft EG