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The objective of the club shall be:

  • Promotion of interest in amateur radio communication and experimentation
  • The relaying of messages by radio without charge
  • Provide emergency and community service communications
  • Advancement of the radio art
  • The maintenance of fraternalism and a high starndard of conduct among club members
  • The promotion of other activities similar to those named

Another Grand Time was experienced by our club at the KARC/BMRC 2019 Picnic.  We had lots of delicious food, well over 40 folks attended and interesting discussions were had by all.  Members and their families talked about everything from where they got married to where their next vacation is going to be.  Always a good time to learn new things about each other!!!

KARC/ BMRC Picnic 2019


It Gets Quiet When Everyone Is Eating


A Letter From Ken,   Making 146.970 The Friendliest Repeater In Town


Meet Ken Klotz

Ken Klotz In The Center, checking on club repeater equipment with fellow hams Ron Burns and Carl Hacker


To Read Ken’s Biography Click Here


Strengthening The Tower To Accommodate 5G Equipment In Johnson City.

License Testing

On the odd months of the year, prior to the normally scheduled club meeting, the club offers testing for Amateur Radio Licenses.  The tests will be administered at 5:00 p.m. at the Eastman Toy F. Reid Recreation Center located at 400 S. Wilcox Dr., Kingsport, TN.  If you are interested in taking an exam, please contact Tom Price, KI4CVU, at or phone (423) 429-1500.  If you are testing for Technician Class,  you must  apply for an FRN (Federal Registration Number) first at   All applicants MUST Pre-Register with Tom prior to the day you would like to take an exam.  See menu tab for additional details.

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