Silent Keys

Silent Key Memorial

We hear not their dits and dahs, nor hear the rhythm of their code, but to us that remain we call them family. Until we meet again.

Gary Smith (K4VZZ)

Gary Smith (K4VZZ), SK

     Served his fellows in the advancement of the art of radio.

Russ Richard (KA4RJR)

Russ Richard (KA4RJR), SK

     One of our club members who championed Net Control.  He was very active and loved doing the Sunday Night Net and leading the team of Net Controllers.  Just a really good guy!

Liz Burns (K1LIZ)

Liz Burns (K1LIZ), SK

     She did public speaking and enjoyed quilt making, piecing together quilts with thousands of pieces. She passed her Extra test in January 2018. She activated 348 SOTA summits with her husband Ron (NR3E) and loved to activate and chase. She also liked using the Icom IC-7300 with the G5RV antenna to search for special events. She was both inspirational and warm , piecing the hearts of many together, as she did her quilts. 73s and see you on down the log.