Neil Weber – KM4NWH
Neil Weber - KM4NWH

Military brat growing up but settled in Anderson SC for most of my youth after my father left the Air Force disabled. Graduated in 1988 from H.S. in Anderson SC. Joined the Marine Corps Reserve as a personnel clerk to obtain a GI Bill to pay for college. Attended Clemson University where I was paying for most of the schooling until the Army offered a full ROTC scholarship for the last 3 years which was the end of my Marine enlistment. Graduated in 1993 with a B.S. in Ceramic Engineering. Joined the Army NG as an Air Defense Artillery officer since the Army did not take any active duty officers from my ROTC class due to downsizing. Went to work for Various companies as an engineer including Kemet (Multilayer ceramic capacitors), MEMC (Silicon Wafer Fabrication), Corning (Fiber Optic Glass), Michelin Tire, and Caterpillar (remanufacturing transmissions for Ford, GM, Chrysler, Mazda, etc.). 

Married Elizabeth who was also an engineer several years after graduating college. Later adopted my precious daughter Jenya at 4 years old. I left engineering and started my own business to have more time to spend with my daughter. Port City Liquors North in Goose Creek SC has now been open for 10 years and is doing well. Several years after opening, my wife transferred to Kingsport TN through her company to work on a five year project at Eastman. I elected to hire a manager and move as well and we purchased a home in Blountville TN. The five year project was cancelled after 2 years and Elizabeth and I had to travel with her company on short stints for a couple of years in the southeast although we kept our residence in TN. When her next assignment was going to be in Northern Michigan, she elected to find alternate work. She now works for BAE systems at Holston Army Ammunition Plant. I spend most of my time chasing my daughter and managing my business from a distance which takes about an hour a day. 

While traveling with my wife in 2015, I elected to get into amateur radio. I took the technician license two days after making this decision. 2 months later I had passed my General and my Extra exam. I have erected a 70 foot tower in my backyard where I have a Hexbeam capable of all bands from 6m to 40m. I use a dipole for 80m and hope to eventually rig something for 160. My main rig at my station is a Kenwood 590 SG with an Ameritron 811 amplifier capable of about 500W without pushing it. I also use a signallink and a Panadapter to control my radio for digital communication with spectrum analyzer capability. 

For other Hobbies, I have many. I enjoy most water activities. Although I don’t do much waterskiing, stand up jet skiing, or scuba diving any more, I still enjoy boating and you will find me on a TVA lake most weekends. I used to do offshore fishing and alligator hunting while living near the coast. I have several motorcycles, ATV’s, A toy hauler RV and an Old diesel tractor to occupy my time. I do a lot of mechanic work rebuilding items and/or refinishing boats. My wife and I bicycle and we enjoy hiking. 


Neil Weber