Sunday Night Net

Sunday Night Net

KARC/BMRC hosts every Sunday evening at 8:30 p.m. an informational net on the W4TRC repeater (analog, tone: 123 Hz, Offset: -600 KHz) at 146.97 MHz.  Announcement categories are club news and activities, general announcements, quick informals, local test sessions, area swap shops and hamfest listings.

The following are our Net Control Stations:

1st Sunday – WB4RJL / Rick Johnson*
2nd Sunday – KA4RJR / Russ Richard*
3rd Sunday – KM4DCK / Kevin Morrell*
4th Sunday – WC5WM / Carl Hacker*
5th Sunday – KA4RJR / Russ Richard*
KI4CVU / Tom Price*
WC5WM / Carl Hacker*

* indicates Alternate Net Control Station

The following files are available for downloading:

Sunday Night Net Log Reporting

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Total Check-Ins*
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