Download Files

Download Files

This page contains useful files that can be downloaded to your PC by clicking on the desired hyperlink.

Baofeng Files

Obtain Latest Chirp Installer Program

Control File  This file which is used by the Chirp Installer program contains 115 frequencies (2 meters and 440).  Note that you will need to change the name that is shown on the radio display to your name.

Ham Radio Deluxe

Last Free Version of HRDeluxe  For use on a MS Windows PC.

QLS Card Maker

QSL Card Maker Program  Create your own QSL cards using this MS Windows PC program.

Application for Special Amateur Radio License Plates

Application Form  File downloaded from TN.Gov website.

Wouxum Radio Files

Wouxum.exe  Archive of lots of files for the Wouxum Radio.

Quansheng Radios

Quansheng Software.exe  Programming software not covered by CHIRP.

Prolific Drivers for USB Cables

Prolific Drivers.exe  If your USB radio programming cable does not work, install and use the oldest driver for your particular radio and OS.

Prolific Drivers.pdf  Instructions on how to install Prolific Drivers.

More information can be found at:

Working with PL259

PL259.pdf  Connecting a PL259 to RG8.


Simple_J.pdf  A Simple J-Pole.

The J Pole Handbook.pdf

The 2 Meter Hentenna.pdf

RST Reporting

RST Signal Reports.pdf

Fox Hunting Info

Fox Hunting.pdf

Vanity Callsign Info

Vanity Callsign.pdf

United States Radio Spectrum