ARES Information

ARES is a field organization of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), the largest amateur radio advocacy and fraternal organization in the United States.  Today, at a national level ARES provides the organization and guidance to help amateur radio operators to establish local emergency communications volunteer groups.  ARES Emergency Coordinators work with local government agencies such as police, fire, sheriffs, search and rescue units, hospitals and offices of emergency management to determine what emergency communications needs exist and how best to serve the community.


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ARRL Emergency Service Handbook
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Local ARES Nets


18:00 Freq: 145.410 Jefferson County ARES Net
21:00 Greene Co. Emergency Net 145.390
Sevier County Emergency Radio Service, 19:30, on the 146.940 repeater.

Tuesdays (except 3rd)

ARES Net, 21:00 on the KE4RX Repeater,
147.015 MHz with a 110.9 PL.


Simplex Frequency 147.420 – Simplex net meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month on the 146.940 WB4GBI repeater at 21:00 local time. The net will then move to 147.420 (one of the national simplex frequencies).