Fox Hunt Report – May 15, 2022
Fox Hunt Report – May 15, 2022


On Sunday, May 15, 2022 we had our 4th fox hunt of the year. We had a good turnout of 8 different teams with a total of 17 people hunting the fox. The fox was hidden at George Washington Elementary School behind the Allandale Mansion. This location proved to be a difficult location for a lot of teams. We believe this was caused by the fox being higher in elevation than most people hunting and the signals bouncing off of Bays Mountain. Even though it was a challenge, everyone had a good time hunting the fox.

General Information

    • Date: Sunday, May 15, 2022
    • Time: 3:00PM - 6:00PM EST
    • Location: George Washington Elementary School, Kingsport
    • First Finders - Vehicle Team: KM4NWH (Neil) and K4YCP (Walt)
    • First Finders - Handheld Team: W3KPT (George) and W4DR (David)
    • Hunters: 
    • W3KPT (George) and K4DR (David)
    • KO4TDK (Stephen) and family
    • KM4NWH (Neil) and K4YCP (Walt)
    • KO4DCD (Justin) and family
    • KO4SCU (Ken), KE4SCJ (Gary), and KD4FTN (Larry)
    • K2KAR (Karen) and N4BET (Michael)
    • KW4AG (Dennis)
    • AB9PJ (Pete) and KJ4ADS (Scott)
  • Primary Fox: 5W Baofeng in the parking lot

    Secondary Fox: 700mW fox in the parking lot

    Tertiary Fox: 15mW fox hidden by a lamp post


After Action Report

This was a good fox hunt, even though a lot of teams had issues finding the fox. We believe this was due to the hiding location being higher in elevation than most of the hunters and the roads nearby. This caused the radio signals to just skip over them and hit Bays Mountain and cause confusion. Overall everyone seemed to have a good time and learn new things about how the radio waves propagate around our area.


  • A higher elevation hiding location gave most of the hunters a challenge in finding the foxes
  • Teaming up helped a lot more people get involved if they didn't have the knowledge or gear.
  • Using EchoLink for check ins helped a lot and prevented anyone from getting a head start on finding the foxes

Improvement Opportunities:
  • Having more resources available for teams would help such as maps of the area
  • Having better hiding areas for the smaller foxes would provide more opportunity for the hunters to walk and find them

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