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KARC/BMRC Key Contacts 2018

Volunteer contact information is posted solely for the use of those individuals wishing to contact a Club leader for more information about this Club,  its programs, or services.  Use of volunteer contact information for solicitation purposes is prohibited.

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Contact Position



President* Larry Dale (KD4FTN) (478) 442-8329
Vice President* George DeVault (W3KPT) (423) 335-7373
Secretary* Rick Johnson (WB4RLJ) (423) 484-4904
Treasurer* Dave Stevens (WB4DES) (423) 967-1173
Past President Ken Klotz (W4IJK) (423) 863-5052
Repeater Trustee* Ken Klotz (W4IJK) (423) 863-5052
ARES Emergency Coord. Walt Baldree (K4YCP) (423) 943-7201
Net Manager Russ Richard (KA4RJR) (508) 287-6739
VE Coordinator Tom Price (KI4CVU) (423) 429-1500
QSL Manager Dave Stevens (WB4DES) (423) 967-1173
Webmaster Dave Stevens (WB4DES) (423) 967-1173

 * Elected Officer per Club Bylaws

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