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The objective of the club shall be:

  • Promotion of interest in amateur radio communication and experimentation
  • The relaying of messages by radio without charge
  • Provide emergency and community service communications
  • Advancement of the radio art
  • The maintenance of fraternalism and a high starndard of conduct among club members
  • The promotion of other activities similar to those named

Coming Events & Information

The Annual Picnic was Fantastic this year!!!  We had lots of folks come out, club members, families and guest.  Incredible but true, we almost ran out of food. This has never happened before as we always plan for more than enough.   Also, folks stayed later this year, just talking and enjoying each others company.  It was fun watching as people would drift from table to table or from cluster to cluster.  We all want to thank very much, Rick Johnson for being the Host this year. Great Job Rick!!!  And to all of you that brought food and drinks, Thank You So Much.  You All Made This Event a Huge Success!!!  Thank You!!!


Nationally Known “Chef Rick” Grilling For Us

Kingsport Maker Faire 2018 was by far the Absolute Best Maker Faire our club has attended!!!  We had QRP and 2m Stations outside and an HF rig inside.  Lots of Hams came by to shake hands and share stories.  And we had more visits by the public than ever before with interested children.  To all of you that were there to make this a Huge Success,  Thank You Very Much!!! 

Carl Hacker (WC5WM)

CQ CQ CQ W4TRC Special Event Station Kingsport Maker Faire CQ CQ CQ


Ron Burns (KI4TN)  David Gulley (KI4AAU)

The Masters of Communication


John Williams (KJ4ZFK)  Walt Baldree (K4YCP)

The Official Greeters


Pictured Here Is A True GEEK Within the Amateur Radio Community, Walt (K4YCP)

I have made 700+ contacts and it is now time for coffee!!


Field Day 2018 was by far the very best Field Day ever!!!  A Huge “Thank You” goes out to Ron, his team and the tremendous support from our club other hams that came by to support us!!!

A Big Thumbs Up As We Approach That Magic Number of 1000 Contacts

Ken (W4IJK)  Patrick (K4LPQ)  George (W4KPT)


Keeping It In The Family

 David (KI4AAU)  Anita (KI4MKM)


I’m Hungry, Lets Get To Cooking

Tom (KI4CVU)  Mike (K4CMT)


License Testing

On the odd months of the year, prior to the normally scheduled club meeting, the club offers testing for Amateur Radio Licenses.  The tests will be administered at 5:00 p.m. at the Eastman Toy F. Reid Recreation Center located at 400 S. Wilcox Dr., Kingsport, TN.  If you are interested in taking an exam, please contact Tom Price, KI4CVU, at or phone (423) 429-1500.  All applicants MUST Pre-Register with Tom prior to the day you would like to take an exam.  See menu tab for additional details.

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