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The objective of the club shall be:

  • Promotion of interest in amateur radio communication and experimentation
  • The relaying of messages by radio without charge
  • Provide emergency and community service communications
  • Advancement of the radio art
  • The maintenance of fraternalism and a high starndard of conduct among club members
  • The promotion of other activities similar to those named

Coming Events & Information

A Huge Success!!!  That is what we would call our trip to the Radio Museum of Asheville.  Although this museum is one room, it truly is a walk through time with equipment from the turn of the last century and some manufactured from overseas.  Stuart, our guide, was the 1-800 Answer Man.  He knew the facts on every piece, and believe me, we asked lots of questions.  To add to the enjoyment, other hams were present with which to share stories and experiences.  If you were unable to attend, here is the link: 

The Masters of Amateur Radio

Norm Pointing To Equipment Like He Had As A Boy

The Radio Museum Of Asheville 


State Of The Art!!  We were fortunate as a club, to have a tour of the BrightRidge Control Room.  We discovered how they know instantly where an outage has occurred, what the major causes of outages are and of course what they do to repair it.  Due to the technology, they are able to look at the data from any home or business and identify possible issues causing your electric bill to be higher than it should be.  One common issue that they may be able to identify, is a faulty water heater element.  The tour given us was absolutely First Class and all that attended really enjoyed it.  

Briefing The Group



License Testing

On the odd months of the year, prior to the normally scheduled club meeting, the club offers testing for Amateur Radio Licenses.  The tests will be administered at 5:00 p.m. at the Eastman Toy F. Reid Recreation Center located at 400 S. Wilcox Dr., Kingsport, TN.  If you are interested in taking an exam, please contact Tom Price, KI4CVU, at or phone (423) 429-1500.  All applicants MUST Pre-Register with Tom prior to the day you would like to take an exam.  See menu tab for additional details.

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